Jatco Shell & Tube

The JATCO Shell & Tube Style “BTEX ELIMINATOR®” System is a counter flow stainless steel tube and bundle heat exchanger condensing system used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOC vapors from the dehydrator still column.

Condensed liquids are collected in the JATCO Tank, then automatically transferred to storage. The residual VOC vapors are sent to the re-boiler main burner.

This closed loop system eliminates BTEX and VOC emissions, key to pollution prevention, not to mention that it pays for itself by generating revenue from burner fuel savings and condensate recovery.

The Shell & Tube “BTEX ELIMINATOR®” standard parts include a JATCO J-5000cx 10 gallon automatic blowcase at 310 gph. 12 oz. vapor relief down assembly and JATCO compound injector burner set for re-boiler. It offers complete controls to route residual VOC vapors to re-boiler burner, with flame arrester. Stainless steel is used for all materials with automatic control valves for hands free operation and manual valves for easy start up and shut down procedures.

Manufactured with stainless steel 4" tube diameter with (21) 1/2" stainless steel tube sheet, and stainless steel 5" tube diameter with (39) 1/2" stainless steel tube sheet. Units are also available installed in a insulated skid mounted production building equipped with a CATCO catalytic gas heater upon request.

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