Jatco System I, II & III

The JATCO “BTEX ELIMINATOR®” System is a natural air cooled heat exchanger condensing system used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOCs from the dehydrator still column.

Condensed liquids are collected in the skid mounted JATCO Tank, and then automatically transferred to storage. The residual VOC vapors are sent to the re-boiler main burner.

This closed loop system eliminates your BTEX and VOC emissions, aiding in pollution prevention, but will also pay for itself and generate additional revenue from burner fuel savings and condensate recovery.
The cooling capacity may be increased by installing additional heat exchangers due to our modular design.


  • Low initial cost
  • Prevents venting of BTEX and VOCs
  • Recovers fugitive condensates for resale
  • Uses residual VOC vapors for re-boiler burner fuel
  • Uses no electrical power
  • Easy to Install
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