Environmental Solutions for oil and gas.

The JATCO Environmental Tank is designed to prevent soil and ground water pollution generated by oil and gas production, transportation, and refining operations. It protects our environment while saving time and money previously spent on clean up and maintenance. Our systems have been designed specifically with soil polution prevention and water polution prevention in mind.

The JATCO Tank is placed below waste producing equipment where these liquids, instead of being allowed to spill and contaminate the soil and water, are allowed to gravity flow into the tank where they collect. When the JATCO Tank is full of liquid, a float operates a three-way valve, allowing gas pressure to force the liquids out of the tank. The discharge side of the tank is connected to a pipe carrying the waste fluids to stock tanks for proper recycling or disposal. When the tank is empty, the float moves the three way valve to the closed position. The gas pressure is then vented from the tank, allowing it to fill again by force of gravity.

The JATCO Environmental Tank has very few moving parts and can use normally available gas pressure as the motive force to pump the waste fluid.

JATCO Inc., Experts in Environmental Solutions for Oil and Gas, Pollution Control Systems that prevent Soil and Water Pollution.


JATCO Environmental Tank Applications:

  • Waste fluid from glycol dehydrators
  • Lubricating oil and used engine oil from gas compressors
  • Packing leaks from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps
  • Packaging leaks from oil well pump jacks
  • Overflow or vent lines
  • Waste liquid from flare lines
  • Storm water runoff from equipment skids
  • Distillates pump

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